Notes on Christianity
and Ideas

Issue 25
January 2006

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Published by Theodore Plantinga

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The reformationals wanted to reform all areas of life. Did they also manage to reform the church? Click here to read the second installment of Theodore Plantinga's informal history of the reformational movement, which deals with church and worship.

Can existential emphases be combined with a deep commitment to historical awareness? Bill Clinton represents an interesting test case. Click here to read "Existential Philosophy of History: The Case of Bill Clinton."

What did Evan Runner teach his students back in the 1960s? Click here to read the second installment of Theodore Plantinga's notes on Runner's Introduction to Philosophy class.

What was it like in the early days of the reformational movement, before the War and the deadly schism in the churches in the Netherlands? Cornelis Veenhof gives us some all-too-brief reminiscences. Click here to read "When the Scriptures Fell Open."

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