Notes on Christianity
and Ideas

Issue 20
December 2003

Published by Theodore Plantinga

In this issue ....

The passing of the Jewish philosopher Emil Fackenheim is an occasion to review Jewish and Christian attitudes toward the mystery of the Holocaust. Click here to read "A New Commandment: Emil Fackenheim and the Mystery of the Holocaust."

The metaphors of hunger, nourishment and satisfaction that we use in our spiritual life often create confusion. Can we grow spiritually and fast at the same time? Click here to read "Feed Me Till I Want No More."

The mad cow in our pasture is bad news for our wallets, but it may turn out to be good news in another respect. Click here to read "Mad Cow Nationalism."


Don't take the term literally. I don't plan to turn pages for you. What I mean to do in this space is comment on materials in the world of the printed page -- brief book notes, observations about periodicals, and perhaps a comment on an event.

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