Notes on Christianity
and Ideas

Issue 18
May 2003

Published by Theodore Plantinga

In this issue ....

David K. Naugle's book on the concept of worldview was criticized in the previous issue. Click here to read his response, entitled "In Defense of the Concept of Worldview."

What does the issue of church unity have in common with divorce and meat-eating as issues? Click here to read "In the Beginning It Was Not So."

How does old-fashioned philosophical skepticism undercut our effectiveness in providing for airline security? Click here to read "You Never Can Tell."

Does the Calvinistic understanding of grace undercut the concept of earned degrees and credits in Calvinistic colleges and universities? Click here to read "No Place for Grace? Some Thoughts on Academic Credits and Grades."

Should believing Jews be welcomed in Christian circles without being pressured to convert? Harvey Cox thinks so. Click here to read "The Court of the Gentiles: A Place for Harvey Cox."

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