Notes on Christianity
and Ideas

Issue 13
December 2000

Published by Theodore Plantinga

In this issue ....

Maggie Vandermeer, now doing graduate studies at Cornell University, graces these pages with another intriguing short story in which she explores certain connection between the senses and knowledge. Click here to read "A Distant Word: A Story on Metaphor and Reality."

There is a puzzle at the heart of much Jewish thinking: God is inscrutable, but his law is incredibly detailed. Should Christians agree with Jews on this score? Click here to read "The Inscrutable God and His Detailed Law."

Have we gone too far with "privatizing" and opting out when it comes to education? Is it time to open the door -- if only a crack -- and make some room for God in the public school? Click here to read "Who Cares? Am I My Brother's Keeper?"

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