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Theme: Marriage and Sexual Issues

The Future of Marriage
A series of essays, probably eighteen in all, reflecting on what Christians should take marriage to be and looking down the road to see where marriage may be headed -- whether we like it or not! Click here to read "The Future of Marriage."

Premarital Sex?
Assumptions in this area have changed substantially in the last half-century. It's hard to imagine that Evelyn Millis Duvall (an eloquent spokesman for the old school) and Ambrose Madison (who knows all about "hooking up") are writing about the same thing in some sense. Click here to read "Why Wait Till Marriage?"

Can "Moral Credit" Save Your Marriage?
Do you know what "moral credit" is? Did you know that you can you even get moral credit for not doing this or that? Get your wife to keep score ! Peter De Vries fans will understand. Click here to read "Moral Highlanders" (Myodicy).

Does the Bible Allow Divorce?
A good question. Does it allow meat-eating? Another good question. The two are related. Click here to read "In the Beginning It Was Not So" (Myodicy).

Wendy Shalit on Modesty
Is modesty just a fond memory, or are there resources in our culture -- or perhaps some of the religious traditions that exist in our midst -- that might bring it back? Wendy Shalit's experiences going through a secular liberal arts college are well worth pondering. Click here to read "Difference, Modesty and Sexuality" (Myodicy).

It All Starts with Autonomy
Today people outdo one another in their outrage over sexual harassment. Is there still room to raise critical questions? Click here to read "Hot-Button Ethics: Reflections on Harassment, Imposition and Autonomy" (Myodicy).

Are Professors Like Married Men?
Married men are supposed to be promise-keepers. How about professors in Christian colleges? Or can we get by with a common-law professoriate? Click here to read "Subscribers Needed" (Myodicy).

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