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Theme: Law and Politics

The sexual harassment pages
Sexual harassment is a hot topic in some Christian institutions, for many now have a policy on it and thus find themselves having to deal with charges to the effect that they are giving in to feminism and political correctness. Click here for a guide to Frictophobia's discussion of this issue.

Eros in the classroom
Sexual harassment codes and trubunals may wind up doing more harm than good. Just what is it that we wish to outlaw in the college classroom? Click here to read "Are You in Favor of Sexual Harassment?"

When freedom needs a helping hand
Dagwood Bumstead once asked for a day off, and the boss said: Take Sunday. That's roughly how some thinkers regard requests for freedom. They forget that freedom needs to be facilitated. Click here to read "Do We Need Freedom Police? Some Thoughts on Academic Freedom in an Age of Political Correctness."

Nader, Gore and what might have been
Al Gore barely lost the 2000 presidential election. Did he lose to Bush -- or to Ralph Nader? Or was it because of Ralph Nader that he lost? Click here to read "Greener Than Thou: Frustrations of the Nader Debater."

Native blockades in Canada
Some Canadians will tell you that natives in our land get away with a lot -- not murder, exactly, but some pretty serious stuff, like shutting down major train lines and highways. All this in the name of injusticies down to them. Some of them, at least, want the whole country to take responsibility for preserving the old ways, but can it be done? Click here to read "Preserving an Ancient Way of Life."

Do we need all those fences?
Good fences make good neighbors. This is also true of countries, and the fences are getting higher -- mainly because of the terrorist problem. Should Christians regret the existence of fences and borders. Does God's kingdom abolish all fences and border? Click here to read "A Kingdom Without Borders?" (Myodicy).

Sticking up for our mad cows
The threat of mad cow disease brought out some nationalist sentiments that we didn't know we still had. Governments were quick to turn to closing their borders. But where does this sort of thing stop? And how effective is it? Click here to read "Mad Cow Nationalism" (Myodicy).

What is terrorism?
The aftermath of 9/11 involved much flag-waving but not too much original thought. What is terrorism? Is it just a label you apply to your enemies. Are terrorist acts to be regarded as crimes -- or as acts of war? Click here to read "This Means War! A Christian Philosophical Response to 9/11" (Myodicy).

Decision-making in Quebec
So what would it take to finally settle this business of Quebec separatism? What does a no vote mean? Does it mean "Not at this time"? We need more practical and detailed regulations regarding these matters. Click here to read "Just Say No: Reflections on a Referendum" (Myodicy).

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