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Theme: Economics and Ecology

Green prospects in the 2008 presidential race
Some say Al Gore should be the Green candidate, but would Ralph Nader agree? Has Gore earned back the trust of the Greens? Click here to read "Greener Than Thou: Frustrations of the Nader Debater."

Native blockades in Canada
Militant aboriginals in Canada have taken to causing economic disruption as a way to advance their cause. But is their hope of preserving their ancient way of life realistic? Should we pay more attention to ecological change as we consider what to do in this regard? Click here to read "Preserving an Ancient Way of Life."

Are you feeling pushed out?
Are you a baby boomer feeling as though you're being squeezed out at work? Does the abolition of mandatory retirement seem like a burden or a new obligation, as though you have to keep working even though you've arrived at what you thought was a respectable retirement age? Click here to read "The Right to Be Poor: Reflections on Mandatory Retirement" (Myodicy).

The opposite of debt
Endowment is basically the opposite of debt. It provides a wonderful cushion not just for well-heeled universities but even for average households like yours and mine. Learn to think like a university financier. Click here to read" Well Endowed" (Myodicy).

Meat-eating and divorce
Vegetarianism can be advocated on economic and ecological grounds, but it can also be understood in Biblical terms through a comparison with divorce. Is meat-eating permitted in the Bible? Yes -- and so is divorce. Click here to read "In the Beginning It Was Not So" (Myodicy).

Food selection
George Sheehan calls himself a "dietary agnostic." I take issue with him and advocate a no-meat diet. My reasons for choosing the vegetarian path are many, and they have grown over the years. Some of them I have put on paper (or typed into the computer). Click here to read "The Scoffer and the Believer: Toward a Christian Philosophy of Food Selection" (Myodicy).

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